Forager – Fastest Way to Earn XP

Quick and really fast guide to earn tons of XP!

The Only True Fastest Way to Earn XP!

Hello, in this tutorial I will present the actual way to quickly hit max level.

We will need access to three buildings and one piece of information to carry out this venerable combo.

“XP multipliers stack together additively, meaning 15% from one source + 15% from another source equals 30%.”

We will need:

  • Shrine < – we need to get the Scholar effect.
  • Cauldron < – we need to craft the Wisdom Draught potion.
  • Inscription Table < – we need to craft/obtain as many Sage Scrolls as possible


  1. Choose Scholar Effect from Shrine
  2. Drink the Wisdom Draught
  3. Spam the Sage Scrolls
  4. Watch as max lvl kicks in on its own.

Theoretically, this whole plan can be shortened to two buildings, since both Sage Scroll and Wisdom.

Draught can be purchased at the market.

That’s it, thank you for your attention.

Created by SoNgO

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