Forever Skies – Cool Hints

Warning! This short guide contain alot of spoilers!

The Hints

Note: Credit goes to Natjur

  • Max speed is 100 KpH (4 Tier 2 engines will give you this).
  • Max high is 320 which needs tier 2 Turbines but no POI is currently over 300, so you can just use Tier 1.
  • Crystal Fuel lasts 5x as long as all the other fuels.
  • There are MANY MANY datapads in random POI to unlock lots of paints, furniture and lights for your ship, keep exploring.
  • Ship will NOT use fuel if your not moving (no need to turn engines off) If you have the anchor symbol on you ship).
  • Tier 2 lure can catch Fat Moths which are the second best food in the game.
  • Tier 3 lure is not worth it cause that catches Glowing Moths which are not as good.
  • Metal floor places as a roof = free light (use glass for your main floor and walls).
  • Placing your engine and turbines UNDER your balloon means they will not take lighting damage.
  • Make sure your ship is not the highest thing during a storm means you do not get hit (so land at a taller POI.
  • 1 min = 1 hour game time.
  • So if a food item says it will last 1 day, that is really 24 mins.
  • Fridge increases the spoil timer x3 (so 1 day now = 72 mins).
  • Unstuck key, teleports you into your ship, if you can’t get back on it (also can be used if your falling to your death to save you).
  • The soft cushion is not for you, but the friend you find (make one).
  • Radar has colour markers matching the POI’s light colour so you can tell the type.
  • You can drag bottles onto each other to transfer the liquids between them.
  • Rain collectors can be placed upside-down (under the catwalk) if pushed for space (has to be a bug).
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