Friday the 13th: The Game – Gotta Kill Em All and Jason Goes to Hell / Getting 100s of Kills Per Match

This guide will show you how to reach up to 135 kills in a single match as Jason using a glitch.

The Intro

So obviously there are two ways to do this. Grind killing your friends or random people in public matches over, and over, and over, and over. Or, there is a glitch, if you are so inclined to use it.

All you need is a friend, or a second account to help you. If you’re looking to get the “One for Good Measure” achievement too, this can be done with an extra person. Simply call Tommy at the beginning and make sure you kill the extra counsellor and Tommy before starting the glitch. Then make sure your kill count goes over 8.

The first time you complete this, I recommend going slow. It isn’t very complicated once you’ve actually done it, so if you take your time the first time around, you’ll be able to do it much faster in future and maximise the amount of kills you can get in a game.

The Guide

Start a private match lobby. Change the settings of the game using the little cog over the map picker (bottom right of the rectangle) and make sure “Vehicles Repaired” is set to ON. You can also change the setting so Jason is always on the map to help you navigate in the first instances of this glitch.

As the counsellor, find a car (both two-door and four-door will work fine) and drive to the boat house. Park it up near the door (specific placement doesn’t matter, just close by is easiest. It’s better if Jason can see the driver from inside the boathouse looking toward the door.)

As Jason, lay down two traps side-by-side somewhere near the car. (Again, specific placement doesn’t matter, but you’ll need them soon so nearby is best.)

Back to the counsellor, exit the car and head inside the boathouse. Inside, there should be a wardrobe that you can hide in. Stand in front of it, but don’t enter it just yet.

As Jason again, follow the counsellor into the boathouse and prepare your throwing knives. Aim at the counsellor and let them start climbing into the wardrobe. As they start their animation to climb in, throw your knife. If done correctly, their animation should be stopped and they’re now just stood in front of the wardrobe.

Returning to the counsellor again, run back to the car and enter the drivers seat. As Jason, pay attention to when they’re back in the vehicle. When they’re in, press E (A on Xbox Controllers or X on PlayStation Controllers) on the wardrobe to perform a kill. If everything is done right, it’ll act as if the counsellor is still in the wardrobe. But in reality, they’re sat in the car, but now, they are invisible!

Jason again, head to the drivers seat of the car, you should have the prompt to pull the counsellor out. Do that, and the animation will play. The counsellor is invisible, but they should be in your strong, warm arms. Walk them over to the trap you’ve set up and hold them over it.

Counsellor, press E (or A or X) to struggle out of Jason’s grip when you’re over the trap. Hopefully you’ll fall right into it. If not, just quickly run into. Escape the trap once it’s triggered and then head for the water.* Swim out a little bit, doesn’t have to be too far but don’t be too close to shore. Now might be a good time to grab your phone, or a book. For the next 10-15 minutes, depending how long it took you to set up, Jason will be just killing you over and over.

Jason. It’s time! Head into the water. The counsellor is invisible but you can use your sense to see where they are. Simply swim to them and drown them. You’ll notice once you’ve done it, the prompt will return to drown them again. Continue this over, and over, until the clock runs out. Please note If you mash the action button too many times, Jason can get stuck. Only press it again once the prompt returns to your screen. Your kills will still count if you leave the game, though.

The End

There you have it. Using this glitch and if you set it up quick enough, you can reach up to about 135 kills per game.

*We have tested it without the trap and it did work once, so this step might be skippable.

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