Foundation – How to Make The Early Game Grind Go Faster (Cheat)

Are you frustrated with how slow the in-game 3x speed multiplier is? Do you have plenty of resources, but lack the villagers/builders required to use those resources any time soon?

A game like this, that’s so heavily reliant on just sitting and waiting for automation to do its thing, needs a boost in speed to get castles and residential areas up “faster”.

How to Cheat

  • Step 1: Install CheatEngine.
  • Step 2: Select Foundation from the list of processes (top left search icon)
  • Step 3: Check off “Enable Speedhack”, set the multiplier to 2x-5x and hit ‘apply’

It will speed up time in-game more than the vanilla 3x and can be toggled on/off

And that’s it! It doesn’t feel like cheating to me, the villager’s timing isn’t affected and I’ve found that it doesnt put too much of a strain on my PC at 5x speed, any higher and the game can slip out of control or crash potato PCs- it’s just moving along the inevitable so you’re not idling IRL too long waiting for resources/new immigrants to appear so you can finish your buildings.

Speedhack doesn’t usually work in any online/multiplayer game but it’s very useful for city builders!

Now go have fun expanding at the speed of light!

Created by egg

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