Fungal Colony Sim – How to Play the Silly Mushroom Game

How you, yes, you, can get started playing the mushroom game (made because there’s no actual tutorial).

Silly Mushroom Game Guide


Click the mushroom, that’s it, just click the shroom.

Be careful to click the actual shroom, not the tile it sits on.


Hit the converge button and accept the convergence when the first number says +5 or so, this will get you spores. You can also get giga spores from this, which is the second number to the right of the converge button (formatted like this +(spores):+(giga spores) ).

Fly Agaric

At some point, you should unlock plinko, unlock the red farm, then click the mushroom, that’s it, just click the shroom. Repeat and gain more spores and giga spores.

Blue Pinkgill

Go back to plinko, unlock the blue farm, (unlocks after you unlock the Fly Agaric farm), then Click the mushroom, that’s it, just click the shroom.

Jessie, We Need to Cook

Using the plinko screen, you can get a cauldron, due to the most recent update (1.3.4), you have to slowly level up your cauldron. Unlocking the cauldron unlocks the shop as well, where you can sell your (possible illegal) potions from the cauldron. P.S. you can click the cauldron to speed it up by 1s


Repeat all of the steps, aside from 1, until you get everything in the game, and absurd amounts of coins and mushrooms.

Created by TwentyWrong

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