G-MODE – How to Give OP Skills to (Almost) Any Persona

This guide will teach you an easy method to give powerful skills to (almost) any Persona.

Getting Started

Note: Credit goes to gabriulio

One thing to be made clear about this guide:

This method only works on Personas who can be created without the use of items. In other words, using an item has to be optional.

Fusing the Persona

First of all, save the game. This method requires savescumming.

Now, head to the Velvet Room during a Full Moon.

Let’s now fuse a Persona. For this guide, we’ll be fusing a Pixie.

Igor will then ask if we want to add an item to the fusion. Say yes.

Now we must select which item to use. Many items will achieve the effect we want. Listing them all is not necessary, since any item that restores HP and/or SP will do. For this guide we’ll be using a 傷薬 (Medicine), as it is the most common healing item you’ll have access to in the game.

Now that’s all settled, let’s fuse the Pixie. You’ll notice that in the skill preview list, the second slot is empty. This is normal to all Personas, but keep it in mind.

Now this is the part that requires savescumming.

What we did gives the Persona an one-in-eleven chance of learning a super powerful skill. Let’s check and see if the Persona learned a new skill or not.

To do so, you must go check your Persona stock in the Velvet Room. The skill does NOT appear in the skill preview list prior to fusion.

In the following screenshot, you’ll see that the Persona did not learn a new skill as its second skill slot is still empty.

If that happens, you’ll need to return to the title screen, load your game, and keep fusing the Persona until it acquires a new skill. You’ll see from the following screenshot that the Pixie did learn a new skill: マハコウハ (Makouha).

Which Skills Can I Learn from This Method?

The following skills are able to be learned via this method:

  • Maragidyne (マハラギダイン)
  • Mabufudyne (マハブフダイン)
  • Magarudyne (マハガルダイン)
  • Mamagdyne (マハマグダイン)
  • Megidolaon (メギドラオン)
  • Mazandyne (マハザンダイン)
  • Magrydyne (マハグラダイン)
  • Maziodyne (マハジオダイン)
  • Maeiha (マハエイハ)
  • Mamudo (マハムド)
  • Makouha (マハコウハ)
  • Mahama (マハンマ)
  • Paralama (パララマ)
  • Nervma (シシリッカ)
  • Diarahan (ディアラハン)
  • Mediarahan (メディアラハン)

My Persona Learned a Skill That’s Not on The List!

If your Persona still learned a new skill and that skill wasn’t part of the list above, that means you failed the one-in-eleven check.

Some fusion combinations naturally allow the resulting Persona to inherit a skill from one of the Spell Cards used to create it. You failed the check and didn’t get the skill from the item added, so the game defaulted to the skill the Persona got from its fusion components.

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