Counter-Strike 2 – How to Get a Rank in Competitive Mode

The system has changed.

How It Works?

Premier mode has its own system.

It is called CS rating. It’s that new, funky numbers thing you’ve probably seen.

Competitive mode has a new system.

It uses the same ranks that CS:GO had. BUT. It now gives you a separate rank for each map. You can be global elite on Inferno, and silver on Nuke.

That means that you need to win 10 rounds on the same map to get anything going. The grey ‘?’ boxes in your Play menu will be replaced with rank images once you’ve done that.

How to check your competitive rank progress.

Option A / Short / Through Browser

Visit link:

Option B / Long / Through Steam

  1. Go to your Steam profile.
  2. Click Games.
  3. Find Counter-Strike 2.
  4. Click ‘My Game stats’ dropdown menu.
  5. Choose ‘Personal data’
  6. Choose ‘Matchmaking’ from top menu.

Happy hunting!

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