Gears Tactics – Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Everything you need to know to hunt down ukkon and save humanity!


Each unit starts the player turn with three (3) Actions. These Actions can be split any way you wish among the basic Abilities of the unit (Move, Shoot, Reload, Overwatch) and the class Skills. There are no restrictions on how many Actions you spend on Move or Shoot Abilities during your turn. 


Move Ability

Use the Move Ability to change the position of a unit. The number of Actions consumed by a Move depends on how far the unit travels.

Movement Range

A unit’s Movement Range indicates how far the unit can move with a single Action.


Use Waypoints to create a specific path for a unit to move. This can help avoid enemy Overwatch or other threatening areas on the battlefield. The default control to place a Waypoint is [Ctrl] + [Left-Click].

Shoot Ability

Use the Shoot Ability to deliver a payload with the active weapon. This will reduce the Ammo of the active weapon by one (1).

Overwatch Ability

Set an Overwatch area to shoot during the enemy turn. Your unit will shoot at any enemy unit that enters the Overwatch area or take an offensive Action while inside the Overwatch area.

Note: the remaining Actions a unit has when they set Overwatch will be turned into shots during the enemy turn.

For example, setting an Overwatch with 2 remaining Actions means the unit will shoot up to 2 times during the enemy turn.

Note: a larger Overwatch area will potentially catch more enemies inside of it, however, a smaller Overwatch area will shoot with a higher Accuracy.

Note: a unit will stop shooting if it runs out of Ammo during an Overwatch.

Reload Ability

When a weapon is out of Ammo, use this Ability to add more Ammo to the active weapon. 

Note: be sure you have the correct weapon equipped. 

Snub Pistol

Each unit carries a Snub Pistol as their Secondary Weapon. The Snub can be useful when you want to conserve Ammo in a Primary Weapon. It also performs better at longer ranges than some Primary Weapons, but generally deals less damage.

Disabling Shot Ability

The Snub Pistol has an ability called Disabling Shot that can be used to interrupt an enemy Overwatch.


As your units level up, they will gain skill points. Spend skill points to unlock different class skills in the Barracks.

Active Skills

Active Skills are added to the unit’s action bar as a button. Each Active Skill has an Action cost and a Cooldown value. To activate an Active Skill, click on the button or press the associated hotkey.


The Cooldown value of an Ability or Skill is the number of turns you have to wait before activating that Ability or Skill again.

Passive Skills

Passive Skills are “always on” and do not need to be activated.


Lines Of Sight

Line of Sight indicates enemies that can be targeted with the Shoot Ability or similar Skills. There are a variety of elements that contribute to the Line of Sight.

Clear Line Of Sight

A thin white line indicates that the active unit will be able to take the selected Action.

Out Of Range

A dashed white line indicates that the active unit can see the target, but that the target is too far away to take the selected Action. 

Note: you can check Lines of Sight before you move a unit to the new position.


When a unit has its health reduced to zero (0), it will become Downed. In this state, a unit can only make Move actions. At the start of the unit’s turn, it will take additional damage until it is killed. Downed units can be Revived and Executed. Both player units and enemy units can be Downed.


When an enemy is in the Downed state, it is available for an Execution. Start a Move action or click the Execution action and move your unit onto the Downed enemy. The cursor will change when you have the Revive correctly targeted. Remember that when a unit executes an enemy, all of the other units in your squad will get one additional action.


You have a much better chance to hit a target if you have a clear Line of Sight that has no cover or obstructions between the active unit and the target.


Obstructions will potentially cause an action to fail or have unintended consequences. When taking an obstructed shot, be sure to check everything along the Line of Sight and find the obstruction. A friendly unit might be causing an obstruction and you might hit that unit if you take the shot!


When a friendly unit is in the Downed state, it can be Revived. Start a Move action or click the Revive action and move your unit onto the downed ally. The cursor will change when you have the Revive correctly targeted. 


Tac-Com adds information to the HUD that describes in detail the targeting calculations. It also adds an information panel to the right side of the screen that will give you additional details about the targeted unit. 



The Support class is all about unlocking the power and potential of the entire squad.

Surgeon Subclass 1

Surgeon skills are focused on single target healing.

Paragon Subclass 2

Paragon skills are focused on granting power and actions to other units.

Combat Medic Subclass 3

Combat Medic skills are focused on squad healing.

Strategist Subclass 4

Strategist skills increase the offensive power of the Support and its Lancer.


Warden Subclass 1

Warden skills are focused on building the Vanguard into a damage soak.

Shock Trooper Subclass 2

Shock Trooper skills are focused on disrupting the enemy front lines.

Paladin Subclass 3

Paladin skills are focused on protecting the entire squad.

Assault Subclass 4

Assault skills are focused on increasing the offensive power of the Vanguard.


Specialist Subclass 1

Specialist skills are focused on maximizing Actions.

Demolitionist Subclass 2

Demolitionist skills are focused on granting and improving explosive damage.

Artillery Subclass 3

Artillery skills are focused on increasing damage output.

Defender Subclass 4

Defender skills are focused on improving Overwatch.


Raider Subclass 1

Raider skills are focused on maximizing shots from the Scout.

Recon Subclass 2

Recon skills are focused on improving mobility.

Slayer Subclass 3

Slayer skills are focused on finishing enemy units.

Commando Subclass 4

Commando skills add the Proximity Mine to the Scout’s arsenal.


Marksman Subclass 1

Marksman skills are focused on critical hits.

Hunter Subclass 2

Hunter skills are focused on gaining Actions.

Assassin Subclass 3

Assassin skills are focused on increasing damage.

Stalker Subclass 4

Stalker skills are focused on area control.


Stats are the basic values that drive your units’ combat effectiveness. They can be improved by equipping weapon mods and armor to your units. 

Stats displayed in yellow indicate that the unit is significantly more powerful with that stat than the average.



Accuracy is the base chance that the unit will hit with the Shoot Ability.


Evasion is a modifier applied to enemies when targeting this unit. A higher evasion makes the unit harder to hit.


Damage is the base amount of Health that a unit will lose when it is hit with a Shoot Ability.

Critical Hit Chance

Critical (“Crit”) Hit Chance is the percentage chance that a Shoot action will result in a Critical Hit.

Critical Hit Damage

Critical (Crit”) Hit Damage is the amount of Health that a unit will lose when it is hit with a Critical Hit.

Veteran Mode

Veteran Mode is unlocked after completing the Campaign. In Veteran Mode, you play one Chapter of Side Missions before unlocking a Veteran Mission. There is no fixed endpoint for Veteran Mode.

Veteran Level

Veteran Level is a value that tracks how many Veteran Missions you have successfully completed. Note that Veteran Level does not track Veteran Side Missions, only Veteran Missions.

Power Weapons


The Boomshot delivers a powerful explosive payload that can devastate multiple targets with a single shot. If you can defeat a Boomer, it will drop the Boomshot. Your units can pick up the Boomshot and use it.

Torque Bow

The Torque Bow has two different kinds of shots, each delivering an explosive payload. One allows you to target an area, the other targets specific units. If you can defeat a Theron Guard, it will drop the Torque Bow. Your units can pick up the Torque Bow and use it. 

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