Ghostrunner 2 – Scorch Squaaad! Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Get the Scorch Squaaad! Achievement / Trophy

Scorch Squaaad!
Kill 8 enemies with a single use of the Flux ability

For this one you’ll definitely want to use the Ultimate Booster I and II upgrade chips so that your Flux ability lasts longer and doesn’t take time to charge up.

It’s still pretty tricky, and it seems that killing enemies with explosive barrels doesn’t count—the Flux laser has to actually hit eight enemies. A decent spot to do this is inside the hidden terminal challenge on Behind The Curtain, where there are a couple groups of 4-5 enemies standing together.

See the video on Faster Than Light for how to find this challenge, but it’s in the very last room of the level, with the terminal in the back-left corner of the room.

Do note that since you’re in a terminal challenge, you won’t regain your Flux ability if you die/respawn inside the challenge, so make sure you line up a clear shot and get eight enemies on the first go.

It’s not ideal, especially since it’s at the very end of the level, but it works.

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