Go Fight Fantastic – Tips Against Each Enemy

How to Deal with Enemies

Tips against each current enemy.

Jumping / Dashing Enemies: Easiest thing here is to let them jump at you and then hit them with 4 shits (5-6 if you can manage) and either use your teleport through em or just move out of the way. IF there are 2 close together, use your sword throw and it will stun both, take 3-4 hits and use teleport and repeat if its too much to handle. Just run around until throw sword skill is ready.

Spider Enemies: Allow the spider to shoot out his ranged multiple shot attack and immediately go in for the kill. Should take him out before he attacks again or uses his other 360 degree attack.

Healer Enemies: Always focus them! Unless they’re so far away it won’t matter, always take them out first. Lowest health and they shoot their stun ball which is easily dodged, couple combos and its over. Enemies will walk towards em and not attack you if they’re too low health hand need healing.

Golems: One of the easier ones to kill but takes the longest. Easiest way to take them out when no other enemies? Go in for a quick 1-2 hit, dash out before he slams the ground. Go in, hit him with 2 melee combos (There is enough time), then use your throw swords ability, hit him 2 more times than use your lightning ability. Melee until dead. It won’t get time to attack again.

Best Combos

  • Best Combo for Spider and Healer: Dodge first attack, sword throw to stun, 2-3 hits, lighting skill and melee until dead. (The spiders multiple shot attack soemhow will shoot through lighting strikes so make sure he has already recently used it!)
  • Best Combo for Jumpers / Dashers: Easy to just toss swords for stun and lighting strike and melee for win. Issue is when there are multiple and gotta dodge both. I always just run around them until both attack at the same time and then combo them. Or like I said above, stun and hit together and dash.
  • Best Combo for Golem Is Noted Above: 1-2 hits, teleport, 2 combos (8 hits), toss swords for stun and lighting strike and more melee until death.
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