Outcast – A New Beginning – How to Get Zorkins (In-Game Currency)

This guide explains how to get in-game currency in many different ways.

Tips to Earn Zorkins

One way to get ’em is by selling valuables. You can find these hidden in settlements or even in ruins like essence shrines or temples. Keep an eye out for rare flowers or eggs—they often respawn, so you can keep cashing in.

Another way is by gathering and selling plants and creature parts. But if you want to really rack up those Zorkins, go Gork hunting. Take down those Gorks around the map and bring ’em to the Gork prisoner in Emea. You’ll get 75 Zorkins for each one.

Reward list

  • Ancient Sai Statuette: 100
  • Blue Helidium Flower: 100
  • Precious Ore: 60
  • Ventilope Statuette: 50
  • Golden Mushroom: 20
  • Talan Statuette: 15

Don’t forget about the trader—you can sell your stuff to them too. Happy hunting!

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