Godsworn – Beginner’s Guide

Godsworn Basics

Note: Credit goes to Kawa

Disclaimer: This guide is based only from my knowledge (or anyone participating) and doesn’t reflect any playstyle or anything the dev wanted. This guide gathers my thoughts only, for the current state of the game.


There are in fact two divines to date:

  • Saule the goddess of the Sun.
  • Meness the god of the Moon.

One more goddess with be available during Early Access along with one entirely new faction:

  • Ausrine the goddess of Dawn
  • Archangel Michael for the Order faction

Do note as of now, Saule and Meness have fairly similar units, with some differences I will cover later in this guide.


After selecting the divine you want to play, here’s a bit of insight on the resources.

In the game you will find 4 types of resources you have to manage which are respectively:

Faith, Wealth, Wood, Food


Each resource requires their specific type of building to start gathering with the exception of faith. Faith only requires your worshipers to be idle at the shrine to pray.

Other than that, you need a specific building for each resource type:

  • Wealth must use a Jeweler on either copper or gold (or even silver).
  • Wood requires a Forester with at least 15 trees at range without overlapping with another Forester.
  • Food has 2 available buildings, Hunter’s Lodge near the deers, or a Gathering Hut near berries, later using Farmstead.


  • You can find Deers for 6 food gathering per worker.
  • Berries for 5 food per worker.
  • Or farmstead for 3 food per worker but can be placed anywhere on the map without requiring a particular resource node (T2 building).


On the 1v1 map you will only find 2 types of Wealth nodes.

  • Copper for 3 wealth per worker.
  • Or Gold for 5 wealth per worker.

On team maps, you might also find.

  • Silver for 4 wealth per worker.

Camps and Experience

In order to access the aforementioned resources node, you will need to clear camp.

Camp are not only important to unlock node access but they also give you experience for your divine to level up.

In the game you’ll find two types of camp:

  • Hostage Camp: Once this neutral camp is defeated, you’ll free the hostage which will now worship your divine after running to your shrine.
  • Pillager Camp: Once defeated, you will be able to see gold pickups that requires your divine to gather it for +25 wealth.

You can find the experience needed for level up both in the UI when selecting your divine represented by the yellow bar.

Or directly on the top left of you screen.

Along with the available points to unlock new abilities and passives for your divine (default on the “I” key). You can spend a point on anything you want on the following screenshot depending on what is unlocked based on your level.

Please also note that both divine have different skills trees and you should look at it and test it by yourself to fit the way you want to play.

Overlay Magic

Next to the minimap you can find many button divided in 3 groups.

  1. This group is about the diplomatic state of the game. In this section you can get a quick overview of allies, enemies, give units to allies or even be able to trade for resources. This section would be mostly useful on a team lobby.
  2. Here is the ping system of the game to ask for help, give information and suggest an attack. For a neutral ping you can also use “ALT + click” anywhere you want on the map.
  3. Is it in my opinion one of the most useful things in the game, and should be always activated because it allows floating icons.. but what are they?

Let me explain it easily. Take this Forester building. Can you tell how many workers are working on it? And don’t cheat, you’re not allowed to use your mouse to display it.

Here’s the answer: only 1 out of 2 and using floating icons, it’s pretty clear right?

You can right click on the green icon to remove a worker from the building and it will automatically go back to the Shrine.

Moreover, left click on the “empty” one and you’ll see magic happening.

The first icon remains green while the second one becomes blue. Congratulation! You just assign a worker to the building with a simple click on an icon!

Want a quick repair on a building? This blue hammer icon will help you do so using the same basics than before, left click to add, right click to remove.

And do you know what is the best?

This also works the same when you want to build a building and quickly add workers to it!

In both cases, it will always select the closest available worker! But be wary, issue a move command to a worshiper sets it in a “non available state”, going back to shrine when no order has been given is considered an “idle” state and can accept repair or building actions

Basic Gameplay Idea

The first thing you will need to do as a new player is to learn how to use your hero for creeping (killing neutral camp) in order to quickly gather experience AND unlock nodes/gather wealth pickup. Both Gold and Faith play a huge role as they are useful to access Tier 2 buildings/units (upgrade purchasable at the shrine), along with any upgrade found in the game.

First building should almost always be a forester because any building or almost every unit requires wood. Remember that resources are infinite and each of the economy buildings can have so many workers gathering resources (exception is divine Saule Serpent ability which adds one extra passive worker) basically 1 or 2 workers depending on the building. Economy should be your first priority if you want to last long enough in the game and be able to sustain.

You also want to build houses so your population can continue growing with a maximum of 100 population value. Note that the more houses you have the faster your worshiper will spawn at your shrine.

You can only have so many worshipers (task assignable, total, max limit) so please take care of them, and they will help you grow by giving you resources and pray for Godsworn.


Remember you can find any information about the abilities, upgrades, units by launching a “custom game” and using this icon after selecting a divine.

Meness and Saule only have some unit differences, take your time and look at information gathered.

There are also damage modifiers in the game. For example, what would you think of using an arrow against full metal armor? Pretty rough idea right?

Leshies are strong, but they are just moving trees, burn them down and they will not look as strong as they are:

On the right side, you can see Leshy has 3 types. Hovering the mouse on them with show the strength and weaknesses.

Make sure you don’t rush into a game if you care about those things and try to figure out what might be good and what. You will surely face either newcomers or veterans, there is no rating in the game as of yet. Try your luck, play against AI if you want it too, ask any question on the discord, everyone will be pleased to answer you.

Finally at any point idle worker on the map will automatically return to the Shrine to pray and give you Faith.

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