Gotham Knights – 30 FPS Cap Fixes Stutters

How to Fix Stutters

Tested out all the settings and the only way to effectively remove stuttering with the state the game is setting the fps cap to 30. Yes it feels like a trash ass console version then, but its what you honestly have to live with for now in order to be able to play this at all.

Some Other Tips:

  • If you experience crashing, disable the Steam overlay, I couldnt even start mine without doing so
  • Disable Damage Numbers in Settings to not make it look like a game for 12 year olds
  • Try out Robin, seriously he makes the game feel like Hitman on steroids, not perfect but still better than the terrible flippedy floppedy jump around combat all the others seem to have

Just played the first mission it seems very enjoyable so far. Just performance is the big issue, as almost no game settings seem to impact performance at all. The only one that does anything for me is disabling RTX but why would I do that if I payed money for an RTX card.

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