Gotham Knights – Performance Tips

Performance Tips

A few performance tips for everyone on PC:

  1. Enable XMP from bios, make sure your ram sticks are running at their highest frequency
  2. Enable GameBoost from bios if you havent overclocked but have an overclockable CPU
  3. Enable Rapid mode from Samsung Magician if you’ve got a Samsung SSD, only on the one SSD you install games to, not your windows drive
  4. Update your drivers of course.

Couple command line arguments (launch arguments) that have some reported success on discord:

  • -notexturestreaming

Don’t use this if you’ve got low VRAM & pagefile though, 6-8gb minimum, otherwise you might see crashes.

  • -d3d11

Runs the game in d11, self explanatory.


This will force the game to use all cores of your CPU which would improve things since the game is looking like it causes a CPU bottle neck.

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