Granblue Fantasy: Relink – Lyria’s Journal Field Notes Fully Completed

Lyria’s Journal Field Notes Fully Completed

Some things that I missed that you might have:

  • Prismatic Slime – You can farm the survival mission called “Slimepede” it spawns in one part of the room and only appears when Vyrn puts out the dialogue. You can look at a video online to see what it looks like/where it spawns
  • Vitality Hoof – The Saga Continues: Wind (You don’t need to break a part, it’s a drop from the boss)
  • Sequestered Mane – Saga Illustrated: Crystal (Another chest drop from the boss)
  • Ukhar Core + Judgment Prongs – Know Your Enemy (Chest drop from the boss)

*Another tip to look for what you might be missing in terms of treasure/material. You can look through Siero’s shop to see if you have a quantity 0 from an item.

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