Granblue Fantasy: Relink – Game Too Difficult? Here Are Some Tips!

Useful Tips

If you’re struggling to learn the dodge timings, hold guard first and dodge out of that. That way if your dodge would have been late, you’ll block the attack instead. Dodging too soon will still result in getting smacked, though.

You might also consider recruiting another character that has abilities that parry attacks, grant stoutheart, or invincibility. I found myself having a good bit of fun with Charlotta once I activate her invincibility ability and literally ignore fight mechanics for 15 entire seconds while I just keep swinging.

  • Time your dodges and blocks, and don’t be always locked on to an enemy.
  • If you are fighting a boss and seemingly a lot of mechanics are being thrown at you – unlock the camera, and move, dodge, block until it’s time to attack again.
  • Pay attention to enemy attack animations. Once you see them a few times, you will be able to know what they do and react accordingly.
  • Check your companions and your skills, pick more defensive/healing ones if you are struggling with survival.
  • Don’t forget that you have potions.

If you struggle a lot regardless of above tips, try switch for a bit to a ranged character like Rackam or Eugen, party up with Katalina and main character for tanking and Rosetta ( or Io instead of Rosetta if you want extra healing instead of diverting aggro), give them tank-y skills and healing skills and try to learn the animations of enemies from afar. It is easier than it sounds.

At the end of the day, it takes some getting used to, but if you are trying to pay attention, don’t just spam attack or spam dodge/block (the game incentivizes perfect dodge or blocks) you will improve pretty quick.

You can also always drop the difficulty for a while.

When you have the chance, you can unlock Vane to put into your party. Vane can trivialize a lot of fights; thanks to his bubble skill.

However its a crutch that should only be used if you really have a hard time getting through something. As self improvement is also important so you’ll be ready for the harder difficulties.

If the Quest is dificult you can try to grind a little or go co-op

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