Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising – Drastically Improve The Graphics with One Simple Config Edit

How to make your game look less smeary.

Intro and Directions

Arcsys games tend to look very blurry on PC, probably because their games are meant to be able to run on archaic garbage like the Playstation 4, so they use dynamic resolution to make the game not look bad on there.

However, they tend to leave these things untouched in the PC ports, and it makes their games look muddy on PCs, even with high resolutions and graphic settings. To make your game look better, follow these directions.

  1. Click your start menu button
  2. Type in %appdata%, click the %appdata% folder that pops up
  3. In the location bar, click “AppData”
  4. Click Local
  5. Click on the folder that says “GBVSR”
  6. Click on the folder that says “Saved”
  7. Click on the folder that says “Config”
  8. Click on the folder that says “WindowsNoEditor”
  9. Find the file that says “Engine”, open it with Notepad or your program of choice
  10. Go to the bottom and add the following lines:
  1. Save and close the file.
  2. Right-click on the Engine file again and click “Properties”
  3. Set the file to Read Only

If you followed the directions correctly, you’re done! The difference is night and day.

The difference is night and day.




Screenshots don’t really do it justice, you’ll just have to see it in motion how much better this is.

Please note that this does take beefier pc specs, so if you’re having trouble running the game normally, this will make things much worse for you.

Hope you enjoy, enjoy the game and please use an ethernet cable while playing online!

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  1. I’m not sure if this is a result of this, or if using a 4K monitor simply makes no difference.
    In addition, the game’s resolution scaling is set to 100%, so I wonder if anyone overlooked that.

    I was testing this by selecting “partner” from the menu after selecting “profile.” Here, the chibi partners’ outlines are quite visible and jagged, so I was unable to notice a quality difference even after applying this tip.

    That means that I made a mistake, in my opinion. Any suggestions?

  2. If I change this, is there any possibility of being banned? Desire to use this but don’t want to be banned at the same time

    • All you’re doing is increasing the resolution. No one will get banned for this. In ArcSys games, this edit has long been standard.

    • If you haven’t already, you must navigate back one folder to the “Local” folder per the instructions.

  3. Comparable protocols are applicable to nearly all other ArcSys combatants as well.
    FighterZ now has an in-game option to set resolution scaling above 100%, which greatly simplifies things.

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