Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Get Peak Jianghu on Hard Mode

Getting Peak Jianghu on Hard Mode (Day 745)

This took alooot of prep time… Grabbing 3 killing fragrance, and trading hp and mp potions from sect leaders to drink during the fight.

Character Screenshots:

Ending Screenshots:

Second part was grabbing every Lingzhi, Tianshan Snow Lotus, Gingseng, Saffron, and Knotweed to Increase your Max HP and Max MP for Infinity Manual Tanking.

(Apply Diamond Dust, and Robust Pill)

  • 1st Boss battle I had Demon Sealing internal set to out speed him, and kill him in your 1st blow.
  • 2nd Boss I walked up to him and switched to Infinity Manual for tanking from now on. Dropped Killing Fragrance on him to debuff him, and knock off his 1st hp bar. Once on 2nd hp bar drop another Killing Fragrance to debuff him again. Then kill him off.
  • 3rd. Apply killing fragrance and trade blows by reflecting, and standing far away and reflect at each other menacingly. His hp will be going down faster because of the poison, and I just used it to recoup Hp, and used my lower grade Mp potions to save the higher ones for the next fight.
  • 4th. Drunk all my Mp potions, and 1 hp potion. It then became a slug fest since he’s immune to all status effects. Ate a seven Stars Pill to gain an advantage in the slow battle.
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