Granny Remake – Car Escape Ending Guide

How to get car ending.

Guide to Car Escape Ending

Car Ending

  1. You have to find the battery, which can be obtain in the well and can be dug up. I pretty sure it can also spawn randomly aswell.
  2. Find the radiator which can randomly spawn anywhere.
  3. Find the 4 tires scattered across the map, can be obtained/spawn randomly on the group. It can also be found in the locked room with the remote (same with the radiator)
  4. Get to the garage and place all the battery and radiator in the front of the car and the 4 tires on the sides.
  5. Open the door to the car and click the wheel then start to ram forwards and backwards with the arrow keys, repeat this and you escape (I have not done this because I have been looking for the past HOUR for a single tire and can not find one.)

Thanks for reading this guide, I hope you can escape Granny’s house!

Created by DarkQauckington

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