Total War: ROME II – Tips for Players Trying Out Rise of The Republic

This guide gives you some useful tips on RotR Campaign.

RotR Campaign Guide

Where does the migrating fullstack army pop up?

  • Helvetii – Clavenna
  • Histri – Tegeste
  • Illyrian Pirates – North of Adriatic Sea
  • Hirpini – Corfinium
  • Sikelians – Gela
  • Massylii – Utica

Conquering Lucania and Liguria in early game is rewarding

Those provinces provide one of the best native units in the game. You can have upper hand against your neighbors if you seize them.

Missile, Cav > Early Sword Infantry

If you don’t have access to decent melee infantry early on, just ditch and forget about them forever. They can’t even maintain a line since they all just melt away like butter when in a fight.

Just have 3~4 cards of them (which is just enough to form an anvil) and focus your effort on the hammer to end the battle swiftly while your butter anvil still holds.

It’s better if you just raze Etruscan cities

All of their buildings cost ton of gold to dismantle/switch. It’s actually more cost effective if you just sack and raze them and then start rebuilding the settlement from the scratch.

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