GTA: Vice City – 99% Save File (The Definitive Edition)

This is a save file for the game at 99% completion, for whatever reason you might need that.

All you have to do is rob the last of the 15 stores left and you will get the pop-up and associated achievements!

What to Do

You can get the save file from this link and it will replace your 4th save if you have one on that slot. So if you wanna keep that better make a backup.

The save files are located in your:

  • Documents>Rockstar Games>GTA Vice City Definitive Edition>Profiles>Some Folder with Numbers

Once you’ve done that boot up the game, load the save and you will be at Sunshine Autos, the store you need to rob is the hardware store close to it, as shown in the screenshots.

Created by Red

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