Counter-Strike 2 – Console Commands of Agent Customization

These commands help you in making your player dashboard unique. To enable these commands all you need to do is go to cs settings and enable developer console. Let’s jump into to the guide.

Unique Dashboard Console Commands


Just copy these in the console.

T’ commands for terrorist agent and CT’s for counter terrorist agent.

You need to refresh to update the ui it can be done just by switching from one to another vice-versa.

Now lets jump into commands.


ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t grenade0

ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct grenade0 SMOKE

ui_vanitysetting_loadouts lot_t grenade1 ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct grenade1

He grenade

ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t grenade2

ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct grenade2 INCENDIARY/MOLOTOV

ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t grenade3

ui_vanitysetting_loadouts lot_ct grenade3 DECOY

ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t grenade4

ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct grenade4

Riot shield

ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t heavy5 ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct heavy5

Kevlar vest

ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t equipment0

ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct equipment0

Kevlar vest and helmet

ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t equipment1

ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct equipment1


ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_t equipment2

ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct equipment2

Defuse kit

na t side

ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ct equipment3

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