I’ve been playing it a ton, and it’s fun, but some of the item + enemy descriptions are confusing, so I wanna explain some things I figured out.

MOM Mode

Rapid Fire & Battery Rod

They will only shoot projectiles in the direction you were facing when you first used the items.

If you RC and/or the enemy goes over your head, the attacks will usually whiff.

Rusty Metal

“Temporarily allows your physical attacks to inflict poison on an opponent.”

It only works on slash attacks, so some characters can’t make use of it without Steel Gloves.

Izuna’s Scabbard

“Attacks with the slash attribute will become physical attribute attacks.”

If you wear Steel Gloves with them, blunt attacks will turn into slash attacks and then back to blunt attacks.

Bracelet of Fighting Spirit

“Increases attack power against boss characters.”

This means enemies in Self-Destruct mode. I think it’s a leftover from SIGN.

Governing Light

“Switches the fire and lightning attribute.”

Fire attacks become lightning attacks and vice versa.

It will only apply to skills and characters’ default moves, so you can’t use Heat Gauntlets to get lightning attacks or the Full-On Sash to get fire attacks.

Jade Green Guitar

“Projectiles gain the sound wave attribute, and impedes skill cooldown recovery.”

If you hit an enemy with any projectile, it will freeze the CPU’s skill cooldowns for a few seconds.

Lead Bracelet

“Increases R.I.S.C. Level gain when using physical attribute attacks.”

Physical skills will add RISC on hit. It doesn’t apply to your character’s standard attacks.

Resilience by Hit Count: X

The enemy will take reduced damage from the first X hits of your combo.

Solid Guard

DOESN’T make it so enemies don’t build RISC while blocking, nor does it negate chip damage.

Enhanced Bed Arm & Crosswise Heel

“An attack that strikes the opponent in the shape of a cross. Special Attack to cancel.”

You can cancel either hit of the attack into other skills, specials attacks, or supers!!

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