Halo Infinite – Useful Tips for Beginners

Newbies Tips

Note: Credit goes to PLAKTICK

Use a scanner

Control : Keyboard – z. Gamepad – down arrow.

This is an extremely useful thing, especially for beginners. With its help you can see weapons that can be used, such as grenades or special equipment. When scanning, you can see whether this item is there or has not appeared yet. So this is a very useful feature!

Move in gunfights

Don’t stand still in a short-range firefight. Halo Infinite is not a game that has a lot of payoff. And therefore you need to knock the enemy down by simply moving left or right, or jumping.

Use different weapons

There are two types of weapons in the game: kinetic and energy. The energy type of weapon deals well with the Spartan’s shield, but poorly with health, and the kinetic type deals well with health, but poorly with the shield. If possible, use different weapons, and the enemy can often see when he does not have a shield and when he does.

Always use grenades

Grenades should become as used as your main weapon. Every time you respawn on the battlefield, you have two fragmentation grenades, and others can be found on the map. Always use them, in attack, defense, even if you understand that you will be killed, and the enemy is already nearby, throw a grenade at your feet. This will not save you if you do not have time to escape, but you can cause damage or even kill the enemy.

Stick with the team

The easiest way to die is to simply walk alone; if you meet 2-3 enemies, you will have too little chance of killing them without a strong weapon. Stick together with your team, you will walk together on the map and just kill all the enemies.

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