HBD-RPG – 100% Full Achievement Walkthrough Guide

How to unlock every achievement quickly.

Achievement Walkthrough

Start new game

Let’s Begin

  • TL;DR

Enter the tavern (left). Speak to the Tavern Keeper and ask for the Local Head.

Talk the waitress on the left side and agree to help her.

Go up to the tent, find the 10 coins in the left pot.

Enter the tent and receive (at the very least) the Old Magic fortune.

Talk to the Local Head near the well on the right side of town.

Enter the Inn. Go up to the second floor, talk to the Inn Keeper in front of the mirror and get the Transportation Stone.

Family Heirloom

  • Collect Transportation Stone

Enter the well. Sail south and kill the dragon.

Dragon Slayer

  • Slay Eternal Dragon

Speak to the Grave Keeper for the Waitress Gloves.

From The Bones

  • Collect Gloves

Exit the well via the light.

Talk to the Local Head. Return the gloves to the waitress in the Tavern.

Speak to the guard to enter the castle, and talk to the king for the next quest.

Talk to the Royal Scribbler behind the king for the Dance Tag.

Dance with 16 unique dance partners (including those in the garden), then finally dance with the queen.

Royal Ballet

  • Dance With The Queen

Exit the castle, and to the monastery behind the castle.

Talk to the monk by the glowing stone and ask for Barrier Magic for the Protection Stone.


  • Not Magic!

Exit town to the north to the Outskirts.

Visit each island and speak to each Demon General.

Leave the Outskirts, be teleported to the tent and exit.

Uncovered All Hints

  • No More Fortune Telling

Talk to the king and complete the story.

Happy Birthday

  • Finished Game
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