Hitman: Codename 47 – Cheat Codes / Secrets

This is my first guide so sorry that it is bad.

Name Codes

Note: Credit goes to hemlings

When you create a new profile you choose a name for it. Certain names unlock certain perks.

  • Kim Bo: All levels unlocked with all weapons available.
  • Kastekniv: In the shop with alot of money.

These are all the name codes I know of.

Cheat Codes

To use cheat codes you need to go into the game files and edit the file “hitman.ini”. It is found in the “hitman” folder in the game files.

Add the line “enableconsole1” to the “enable console section”. When in game press the ~ button to type in a cheat code.

The codes are as follows:

  • giveall – This gives all items.
  • ip_debug1 – Gives 47 the ability to force push press Shift + F2 to use.
  • god 1 – Enables god mode.
  • invisible 1 – Grants 47 invisibility.
  • infammo – Gives infinite ammo.

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