Hogwarts Legacy – How to Restore Exclusive Content

Restorating “The Haunted Hogsmeade shop” exclusive content for Playstation.

Guide to Restore Exclusive Content

Falling of Playstation

You will gain access to the quest after you complete the third challenge.

A quick preface: This mod is NOT piracy. CreamAPI is only being used as a convenient tool to access the files already located on your PC.

If you feel squeemish about this or worry about it for whatever reason, feel free to delete the mod and never gain access to this content.

That being said, here’s the instructions.

  1. Copy cream_api.ini, steam_api.dll and steam_api64.dll
  2. Place the files in “..\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\Steamworks\Steamv154\Win64”
  3. Place “zSQLTest_P.pak” in “..\steamapps\common\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks~mods” (Create the ~mods folder if you don’t have one already).
  4. Run the game and enjoy your unlocked content.

Link for download.

Created by Rose of Memory

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