Homefront: The Revolution – Resistance Mode Guide (Breach and Clear VIP Locations)

A short guide to finding the 3 hiding VIPs in the Resistance Mode mission Breach and Clear.

Guide to Breach and Clear Mission

Map Locations

Here is the area map with the VIP locations marked out.

Click to enlarge…

Ingame Locations

  • Behind the houses and inside a slum like area, inspecting a shack. Guarded by a single KPA soldier. Two patrolling soldiers, one regular and one Shock Trooper, can be found in front of the houses on the streets.
  • Inside an underground tunnel you pass to your left on your way to the Drone Tower objective. Guarded by a regular KPA soldier and Shock Trooper. Beware that getting caught here will alert the Drone Tower area and its defenders.
  • Inside an underground tunnel next to the Green Park and close to the mission start/end. Guarded by a single Shock Trooper.


Hopefully this guide manages to help the people always wondering where that last VIP was hiding at. Enjoy your gold medal and the extra rewards it brings.

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