Horizon Zero Dawn – Essential Tips for the Complete Edition

Aloy’s adventure can get pretty tough, so we’re offering you even more of our expert advice to help you get through it. Below you’ll find some of our top tips that will help you survive Horizon Zero Dawn and its DLC.

Complete Edition Tips

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  1. Talk to the merchants

Merchants are extremely useful in the game. You can talk to them to buy rare items, get new outfits, and shift unwanted scrap. They also sell maps that let you see where specific collectibles are located.

Pretty much every merchant has a unique set of items, so set aside some time to look at what’s on offer. You can find them in most major settlements and sometimes in the wild near campsites. Their presence is marked on the map by a pair of antlers.

  1. Unlock all the campfires

You can only fast-travel to campfires you’ve already unlocked, so make sure to discover any that you see while you’re out exploring. Look out for the grey campfire icon at the top of the screen. If one appears, it means there’s a campfire right in that direction.

Unlocking campfires gives you more options for fast-travelling, and will make backtracking in side quests far less tedious.

  1. Complete Cauldrons

Cauldrons are optional dungeons found throughout the main campaign. There are four in total and they’re usually found dug into hillsides. You can finish them to earn XP and learn how to override different types of machines, so they’re definitely worth spending your time on. They will make some of the later challenges in the game significantly easier and give you some more creative ways to approach objectives.

  1. Focus on your environment

Confused about the plot? Or simply want to know more about a particular location in the game? Throughout the world you can find items to scan with your focus to reveal additional information.

These items are usually found in older structures and will add notes and audio logs to your notebook once they’ve been interacted with.

Get into the habit of looking for them. Not only will it increase your chances of getting achievements, but it will also sometimes reveal solutions to puzzles and give you an idea on where to head next.

  1. Take down control towers

Control towers are another new addition. They constantly heal nearby enemies, so you need to take them down before tackling the affected machines within their range. You can do this by destroying the blaze sack hanging off the side of the tower or by overriding it.

The latter method is preferable, as it means there’s far less chance of alerting enemies with the resulting blast. Use tall grass to get close enough to the tower, and highlight the paths of the surrounding machines to keep out of view. Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is override it with your staff. Taking down control towers gives you added XP and will make the map far safer to travel in future.

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