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7 Facts About Hotline Miami

Note: Credit goes to Boeinge

The creators of the game were inspired by the movie “Drive”

Fish mask “Phil” – The “Phil” mask, which translates dialogues into French, does this for a reason. This is a reference to the French-Canadian developer Phil Fish, who created the FEZ platformer.

During the development of the second part of the game, the authors launched a straight line. Anyone could get through to her and leave absolutely any message. Some of these messages were subsequently included in the promo video of the game.

The game developer helped the pirates who stole it – After many people downloaded the pirated version of the game, Jonathan Soderstrom filled in the necessary patches on Pirate Bay. Thus, he helped solve all the problems with the pirated version of the game. He explained this by saying that “he develops games not for money, but to express himself in creativity. And if someone is playing his work is not entirely legal, then he wants these people to still be able to get the highest quality product, and not a bunch

They wanted to make a movie based on the game -Director Saman Kesh, who had previously managed to shoot several films, planned to make a short film on Hotline Miami. All this was to be financed through IndieGoGo. Unfortunately, nothing came of it. However, we are waiting, hoping and believing.

Comics by Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – The comic book series fills in some gaps in the plot and provides explanations for the motives of some characters. Nevertheless, the whole plot remains unclear. These comics can be found online without any problems, including in Russian.

Collector’s edition – The authors of the game together with iam8bit have released a collector’s edition of the game Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. It includes a phone card with a code to download a digital copy of the game, as well as three vinyl records with the full Wrong Number soundtrack. It costs such a pleasure $ 60.

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