ARK: Survival Ascended – How to Run Console Commands with a Text File

How to Run Commands with a Text File for Better FPS

So you can actually add a text file with all the commands, no descriptions just these:

r.Streaming.PoolSize 0

r.Nanite.MaxPixelsPerEdge 4
r.Lumen.ScreenProbeGather.RadianceCache.ProbeResolution 16
r.Shadow.Virtual.Enable 0
r.VolumetricCloud.ViewRaySampleMaxCount 64
r.VolumetricRenderTarget.Mode 3
r.VolumetricCloud.StepSizeOnZeroConservativeDensity 4

To your game install folder and leave the text file in the binaries folder where a Win64 folder is (so the binaries folder should have Win64 and your text file in it only)…

  • \common\ARK\ShooterGame\Binaries\<filename>.txt

Then use console command “exec <filename>.txt” (without quotes) and it’ll execute every command within the file. (File names can be what-ever you choose).

So my file is called fpsboost.txt and the command looks like this:

  • exec fpsboost.txt

You can also add:

r.volumetricCloud 0

To the text file but it is redundant to the volumetric commands because it removes the clouds and such completely and boost the FPS by about 20 FPS.

I believe you can also use this method to run other commands as well, such as giving items etc..

Hope this helps!

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