Human Guise – 100% Walkthrough Guide


  • Pick up dinosaur. Use it on a dresser under big bear (achievement 1).
  • Check the door. Use key to lock the door. Escape through window.
  • Skip dialogues if don’t want to read (achievement 2).
  • Go to far right. Investigate body (chest, head, ropes), blood.
  • Go back to a man with dog. Touch the dog (achievement 3).
  • Talk with a man. Go back to the body and talk with guys to continue.
  • Can skip this part.
  • Touch doorbell. Once inside exhaust all dialogues. But don’t leave yet. Check everything on a right dresser to trigger more dialogues (achievement 4).
  • Investigate everything in a forest from left to far right (small traces, broken branches, marks on a tree, a trace on the snow).
  • Exhaust all dialogues here.
  • In a forest investigate tree hollow to get first part of amulet and snowdrift (very bottom of screen and a bit to the left from that tree).
  • Skip until “dream puzzle”. Here simply light all black dots to green starting under green one (all vertical first then horizontal one) (achievement 5).
  • Skip until credits (achievement 6).
  • In main menu click “Access code” and enter this:
  • (achievement 7)

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