Section Gamma – Game Interface Guide

Detailed information about the game interface.

Game Interface Overview

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Basic Interface

  • Player Sequence/Status
    • Here you can see the order of the players for this round, which changes before each planning phase.
    • Below each player you can see the status of each player. For example, whether the move or the planning has already been completed. Click on the avatar to see details about a player.
  • Current command/status
    • Here your current command or status is described.
  • Your current balance of credits
  • Expected income in the next round
    • Here you can see the potential income you will receive before the next building phase. The value can change depending on events on the map. For example, if a refinery is destroyed before your next turn, the expected income drops immediately.
  • Chat
    • Here you can open the chat to communicate with other players.
  • Menu
    • Use this button to enter the menu and quit the game, give up or adjust settings.
  • Your current phase
    • Here you can see which phase of the game you are currently in. The current phase is always underlined in a color.
  • Units awaiting orders
    • If you see this button, there are units awaiting orders.
    • A click jumps to the next unit. You have the choice whether the unit should hold the position this turn or permanently stop asking for orders.
  • Complete turn
    • This button completes the turn and the other players take their turn. If you were the last player in this round, the next planning phase will begin.

Detail Panel

  • Demolition/sale of buildings
    • Demolition of buildings is possible at your own build or move phase. The building is destroyed and you get back half of the original construction costs.
  • Close details
    • Hides the window.
  • Current health status
    • Here you can see the current health status of the unit in hp (Health Points)
  • Movement range
    • This is movement range in areas to which a unit can move per turn.
    • Various objects on the map can be obstacles for the unit, which can limit the freedom of movement.
  • Weapon system status
    • Here you can see if a unit has already fired its weapon this turn. If a unit has already fired its weapon, it is no longer a threat and cannot defend or attack this turn.
  • Damage to vehicles
  • Damage to infantry
  • Damage to flying units
  • Damage to buildings
  • Unit description
    • Here you can find useful detailed information about the unit. Reading it can be very useful.
  • Unit information
    • Displays the detailed information of the unit seen above.
  • Defense strategy
    • Here you can make settings for the defense behavior. In certain situations it can be useful to deactivate the defense. This is risky, but offers clever tactical possibilities. These settings can also be changed when it’s not your turn!
  • Occupants
    • Here you can view and manage the units that are occupying a vehicle or a building. This option is available only for a few objects (Bunker, Troop Transporter, Turtle Tank…).
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