HuniePop 2: Double Date – Infinite Moves Date Gift Combo

Date Gifts that let you farm infinite moves, allowing you to complete alpha mode dates indefinitely.

The Gifts

Eyelash kit, Powder Brush, Makeup Palette, Exfoliating Scrub. Every 4X match or better adds 1 move and consumes no stamina. It’s really that easy. Getting 4X moves in this game is ridiculously easy, you can usually even recover from only 1 move remaining.

Also, 3 sentiment now becomes another move, meaning you earn loads from big sentiment matches (a 5X is worth 6, and an 8X is worth 14!)

You only need to do this with one of the girls, for the other one I suggest: Candle of her favourite colour, Magic Wand, Hair Brush, Blow Dryer.

This maximises the speed you score points at, which is useful for higher alpha dates, which start taking a long ass time (upwards of an hour per date when you get into the multiple hundreds).

Created by LunchThyme

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