HuniePop 2: Double Date – How to Get More Moves

Run out of moves? Match 4 and get your unlimited moves.

Personal Strategy to Get More Moves

Basic Gift Build

Shotmaker – match sentiment and passion to gain most scores and unlimited moves.

  • Eyelash Kit – match 4 -> + 3 sentiment
  • Powder Brush – match 4 -> + 2 stamina
  • Makeup Platte – match 4-> + 1 move
  • Exfoliating Scrub – use sentiment instead of move

Supporter – provide bonus and cover break for low stamina. For example:

  • Lube – 2 less sentiment cost
  • Plush – convert broken heart to XXX
  • Hair Brush – power token more chance
  • Blow Dryer – power token more powerful
  • Other – + moves

How to Get Match 4?

Basically, observe the grid and make it yourself.

For start, give shotmaker all the gifts. May need 10 ish moves.

Can you spot the potential match 4?

Answer: middle three joy bells are next to each other. Anything on left of fifth row joy bell can be dragged to right. So you can have match 4 orange ready.

The easy one you can see directly. Match 4 red. Then match four joy bells. That gives you extra moves.

Green can be move anywhere to the right. Drag it pass red so you can match 4 red next round.

Move pink heart passion to left. Make orange and green ready for match 4.

Match 4 red. Then match 4 green.

Start with 25 moves. Finish with 20 moves.

That’s for general date. For final boss it’s random. Though this method saves more moves. So you can waste more moves another round.

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