Hyperbolica – Drone Legend Achievement Guide

Yeah, you gotta actually click on the guide to find out how to get it. It is (as of posting) the rarest achievement, so hopefully it’s worth it for you.

How to Obtain Drone Legend Achievement


Drone Legend

  • Achieve a time under 77 seconds.

The Guide

“OK then — I’ve tried a lot and I always wind up short of time, so how?”

The answer lies in the geometry!

Tip #1

Stay as low as you can!

Perhaps counterintuitively, the higher you go, the more distance you’ll travel, and therefore the more time you’ll take. This is similar to how distance changes the farther out you walk.

Tip #2

Follow the geodesics!

For those of you who aren’t well-versed in mathspeak, that’s basically the straight lines of Hyperbolica, and they are not necessarily what you think. Often you have to work to find just the right geodesic. On the bright side, after some experience, you might find that, at least in the relative horizontal direction, old-fashioned Euclidean beelining is still effective.

Also, you can pass through the rings by the very edges.

Tip #3

Get the path for that one high ring toward the end just right!

Head up to it early, and turn to the right a little early as well. See also the above 2 tips.

Finally, don’t give up! If you’re only a few jifs (1/100ths of a second) off, you know you’re onto something!

Created by The Sojourner

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