IF: Walls Could Answer – 100% Achievements Walkthrough

How to Obtain All Achievements


The Cave

  • Go to the bathroom and go back.
  • Look to the ceiling, talk to the girl.
  • Go to the bathroom, open the med box and take the first pills from the left.
  • Leave the house.
  • Talk to the men and open the door.
  • Turn right, go to the stand and put CARTER.
  • Go back to the other side, go to the next stand and put MARGOT.
  • Go up to the final stand and put 111793.
  • Go to the cableway.
  • Go down, speak to the man on the ferris wheel.
  • Open the door and sit down with him (My love)

The Island

  • Go to the bathroom, talk to the girlk, and take the middle pills.
  • Leave the house and go to the top of the mountain.
  • After the sequence click on:
  • RED: Conan, Arthur, Jake, Megan, Albert, Henry, Tina, Jill, Larry.
  • BLUE: Lita, Thelma, Aloy, Rachel, Josiah, Austin, Xavier, Sam, Emilia.
  • Go to the dock, open the door and go with the men.
  • Talk to the men and go down. (Listen them again)

The Magician

Thanks to dev for the solution of this puzzle.

  • Talk to the fire in the left.
  • From the solved buttom to the right write:
1: 95659
2: 02130
3: 00542
4: 01685
5: 01645
6: 02245
7: 00124
8: 00098
9: 99999
  • Go through the door.
  • Go to the second part and step over the mechanism.
  • Go through the hole.
  • Talk to the guy and leave through the door. (I am not)

The End

  • Go to the table, and put 4920 in the numpad, CAESAR in the letter lock and 101485 in the number lock.
  • Take the last pill, open the main door.
  • Go down, talk to the three guys.
  • Go to the bus stop. (Goodbye?)

Last part

  • Press Start one last time.
  • Talk to the men on the bed.
  • Read the note near to the gramophone.
  • Put in the window lock the date of your computer in MMDDYY.
  • Wait until the music stop (A new game).
Created by NealS

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