Immortal Life – Favorite Dishes (Efficient Friendship Leveling)

Visual guides for the overall favorite dishes & each member’s favorite dishes (ranked by how many other characters like them too) for efficient friendship leveling.


The game major patch of these menus is 0.6.

  • Best Menu: Top 8 dishes currently, based on how many people like them.
  • Character Menus: Top 10+ dishes based on how many other characters also like them (and how few dislike them)~
  • Worst Menu: Foods to avoid serving at the sect dinner

If multiple dishes tied in #, I added all of them.

Best Menu

Yang Ziqin

Ji Yaohua

Chen Yuanzhou

Li Mengqing

Wei Hong

You Jinghe

Mu Xia

Song Yantong

Xie Wentian

Nobody Liked That

Created by Aeledfyr

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