Into the Radius VR – Where to Find Location of Pecho Plushies (Update 2.7)

This is a guide to where to find the new Pecho Plushies coming along with the 2.7 update.

Location of Pecho Plushies


As we all know, the 2.7 update has brought in 3 collectible Pecho (Spawn entity) plushies into the game. This is where to find all of them.


  1. Plushie at Pobeda Factory

The first of the three plushies can be found during the “Intrusion” mission. It is in the same room as the Black Box. If you have already done the mission, you can go back to the room through the factory.

  1. Plushie in Kolkhoz Zarya

The second plushie can be found in the village in Kolkhoz Zarya. It is closeby to the house where ‘A Farewell Feast’ takes place, sat in the front of the car.

  1. Plushie in the Castle (Might be incorrect)

The last plush can found at the Castle. When entering from Kolkhoz, strafe a bit to the left until you get to something that looks like a old shack. The shack should be on the opposite side of the blue house (safehouse) on the map.

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