JUMANJI – The Curse Returns – How to Unlock Broken Achievements

With this method you can unlock broken achievements!

Guide to Unlock Broken Achievements

How to Do!

Hi guys.

I’ve made this guide to help you to unlock these broken achievements:

  • Believe in Magic.
  • Freedom Fighter.
  • Jewel Master.

To fix this problem basically you need to downgrade the game to a previous version through the holy steam console.

To do that follow this steps:

  • Press Win+R and copy paste this inside the box:
    • steam://open/console
  • Steam Console will open.
  • Copy paste this command into the console:
download_depot 1665080 1665081 3135760474407652354

Depot will be downloaded but you can’t see the progress, so wait a bit and a notify will appear on your console.

  • After that navigate to the path showed into the console when the download is ready.

Usually is this:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\content\app_1665080\depot_1665081
  • In Game>Properties>Updates set “Only update this game when I launch it” so the game will not be updated automatically.
  • Open the game directory through steam. Game>Properties>Local Files>Browse
  • Delete all the game files that are into this folder and copy paste all the new files from depot folder.
  • Start the game and in a few runs you will have this achievements unlocked.

When all it’s done you can update the game to the latest version or you can do a fresh reinstallation.

Tested by myself. Hope this help.

Created by J.OLDMAN VG

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