Katana ZERO – Speedrun Achievement

Speedrun Golden Achievement

Guide shows how to get speedrun achievement. Wanted to share as I know a lot of you will be frustrated not knowing.

I myself have not earned it yet and need to practice, but per Joey Asagiri in one of my discussions, who has the achievement, you have to beat a speedrun under 29 minutes to get the golden achievement. 

Also per Kainalo on YouTube there are other great tips to save time. In options you want screenshake to 0%, hitpause to be 0%, response time to x1, as well as skip rewind to on. You also want landing roll off to prevent an automated roll and you might want cursor lock on. Restart and rewind FX turned to off will also slash time.

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  1. Gold speedrun isn’t just sub 29 minutes, you can get it with times exceeding 29 minutes if you play better. That being said I don’t know the specific requirements, but it’s not a simple x deaths and y times = gold

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