King Kaiju – 100% Achievement Guide

This simple guide will list all the achievements with explanations or tips on how to attain them.

Level Achievements

Simply play through the levels and beat their objectives to get these achievements.

Municipal Mayhem
Beat Level 1

Citywide Carnage
Beat Level 2

Downtown Devastation
Beat Level 3

Mayhem Achievements

The Last Nice Day Of The Year
Enjoy the beautiful day by eating some ice cream.

Ice cream truck, actually. Simply pick up an ice cream truck and move it to your mouth/mask. Watch your grip, otherwise you might destroy the truck before it reaches your mouth (you will see this warning a lot in this guide).

And That’s The Way The News Goes!
Take down a news copter

There are two helicopters around: the news copter and the score display helicopter. Simply hitting the helicopter with a thrown object like a car is enough to cause it to crash. What worked best for me was to teleport beneath the helicopter and toss up.

The news copter actually serves a function in this game: anyone watching the game from another (non-VR) screen such as a monitor will see the view from the helicopter. If you ever lose track of the helicopter, check your monitor to see where it is.

He Threw A Car At My Head…
Squish a person by throwing a car at them

Simply throw a car at a person to get this achievement. Watch your grip so that the car does not explode in your hand.

Edifice Rekt
Squeeze a large building chunk with your grip

Grab a building chunk and grip it. Note that you don’t have to wreck a building to grab a chunk – you can grab the building itself and you’ll be left with just a chunk in your hand soon enough.

I Forgot My Reading Glasses
Catch hold of the helicopter holding the score display

Similar to the And That’s The Way The News Goes! achievement, I teleported underneath the helicopter, tossed a car up, and then caught it as it came tumbling down. If the helicopter keeps exploding when the car hits it, see if you can clip the tail of the helicopter instead. It’ll be enough to cause it to fall down.

I Believe I Can Fly
Grab a plane in each hand.

Planes start appearing from the second level onward. Multiple spawn at the same time and will circle around you for a while. Eventually they will fly and shoot at you (it won’t hurt). Once they get close enough, grab them.

Watch your grip! If you apply any pressure at all, they will explode after a short while. Just holding the Hold-button will not further damage the plane and allows you to wait patiently for another plane to approach you.

Fun fact: apparently being on fire does not damage the plane either, so don’t feel rushed if it starts burning. You’ve got time. Just be careful you don’t accidentally hit a building with it.

A Building With A View
Balance a building so that it can have nice scenic view of the city

This is probably the iffiest achievement in the game as it relies on the destruction engine to take a short break.

What seems to work best, both for me and other commenters on the internet, is to grab the Burger sign from a building and place it on the highest building you can find. It’s okay if the base of the Burger building is destroyed and if it’s placed sideways on the high building. As long as the sign is okay and stable, it should trigger.

Level 3 works well for this, but keep in mind that the tall buildings are high enough that planes will sometimes fly through them.

The burger store (left) and the highrise (right)

The burger store sign laying on the highrise. This setup is how I triggered the achievement.

C-C-C-Combo Breaker
Build up a combo of destruction totaling at least $25,000

Honestly, I don’t know what builds up a combo and how long it lasts until it resets. I got it while messing about with the Megacat, the alternative monster (see achievement below). It replaces the default monster’s fire breath with laser eyes, which is a significant upgrade.

How I got it: in level 3, I teleported into the middle of a highrise housing block and wrecked everything around me in one quick swoop. I then quickly turned to the highrise building block next to it, fired my laser, and brought down the entire block in one go.

Note that the duration of the laser is limited, so try to look at every building as quickly as possible so that you might even be able to get a second block with it.

Clustered blocks like these can earn a lot of points in a short amount of time.

Radioactive Kitty Litter
Beat a level as Megacat

Megacat is the alternative monster you can play as. You need to beat all the levels in order to unlock the Megacat. It can be selected by putting on the mask that’s underneath the level select table.

This achievement might be a little buggy, as it didn’t unlock the first time I finished a level. It triggered on my second attempt, so you don’t need to panic if it doesn’t trigger the first time around.

Eat Your Vegetables
Eat 50 trees

Pick up trees and move them to your mouth. As always watch your grip so you don’t destroy them in your hands.

Trash Compactor
Crush 25 dumpsters with your grip

Watch your grip so the dumpster won’t… actually, you don’t need to watch your grip! Just pick them up and grip to your heart’s content.

Playing With Your Food
Toss a person up in the air and catch it in your mouth

Teleport near a person and swiftly pick them up before they can run away. Watch your grip as you throw them up and have them land on your mask.

The Cars Bursting In Air
Throw a car high up into the air to make your own fireworks

The final achievement and the final grip warning. Cars seem to automatically explode after being thrown a certain distance or height, so this achievement should pop as long as it survives long enough to leave your hand.

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