Last Call BBS – Dungeon & Diagrams / Walkthrough

An easy and simple guide to help you clear all the stages.


Tip #1

If you see a 2×2 square like this (3 empty spaces):

And then you can put a wall in the unknown space!

because there is no 2×2 empty space except treasure room.

Tip #2

If you see a monster stand in the row which number is 1, just like this:

Then we can sure the wall must be next to the monster, because there are always 3 walls around 1 monster. So we get it:

(There is a wall in the marked circle).

Level 1 (1-8)

Level 2 (1-8)

Level 3 (1-8)

Level 4 (1-8)

Level 5 (1-8)

Level 6 (1-8)


The stages become more difficult from now on. If you don’t wanna lose fun from this game, don’t see the right solution without thinking!

Level 7 (1-8)

Level 8 (1-8)

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