RUINSMAGUS – How to Play with Pico Neo 3 Link

How to fix that the Pico Neo 3 Link controller does not work inside the game?

The Problem

With the Pico Neo 3 Link the controllers didn’t work in the game, you can see the laser beams from the controller laying on the ground and didn’t move at all. Also no controllers are seen.

The Solution

To fix this issue first quit SteamVR and the Pico Link software, then open this Ini file with a text editor with Admin rights (or you can’t save it):

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Pico Link\driver\bin\win64\RVRPlugin.ini

Search for [PICO] and directly under it you will find “controllertype=3”.

3 is the default setting, 0 is for the Pico controller, 1 for the Oculus Touch and 2 for the Vive Wands controller emulation.

Change it from 3 to 1 to emulate the Oculus Touch controllers.

Save the file and restart the Pico Link software and SteamVR. Now you will see inside VR the Oculus Touch controller 3D models. If so all is fine and you can play now RUINSMAGUS.


This fix also works for some other VR games. If you need to emulate Vive Wands for some VR apps, you can use the compatibility mode inside the Pico Link software which emulate them (like when you use above 2) but not the Oculus Touch controllers, for that you need to edit the Ini file like above.

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