Le Mans Ultimate – How to Setup VR (Only Offline Race)

Setup VR Guide

Right now no official support for VR, but you still can experience racing in VR only in offline races.

Cons of Solution

  • You didn’t have actual VR UI to interact with game.
  • You didn’t have any UI during the race using VR headset (maximum immersion, you only have some info on your wheel dash).
  • Game crashing without any error if you join into online race (it downloading around 54% and then crash).
  • Game crashing without any error if you setup offline race with quali -> race or practice-> quali -> race (it works fine if you create 1 stage event e.g a race/quali/practice and then join it once).

Anyway game in early access so just waiting of full implementation of VR.

Steps for VR setup:

  • Make first start of the game, then close it.
  • Go to properties of game.
  • Put “+VR” into launch options.
  • Replace in game root folder (~Steam\steamapps\common\Le Mans Ultimate) “openvr_api.dll” file (You can download it using this link).

Note: it’s just a copy of rf2 “openvr_api.dll” file.

  • Then from root game folder follow this path – “UserData\player\” (if there is no “player” folder, make sure you ran the game at least 1 time)
  • Open the “direct input.json” file
  • Add button for re-centering your camera:
"VR : Re-Center head position":{
"device":"Logitech G HUB G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel USB-842476EF773AB73C",

It must be inside the “Input” brackets e.g

"VR : Re-Center head position":{
"device":"Logitech G HUB G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel USB-842476EF773AB73C",
"Type":"Direct Input"


Note: in my case I’m using G920, so for centering camera I use button id 40 (RSB button on the wheel), you can change it to another one.

  • Highly recommend to use OpenXR and OpenComposite tools to run a game to have a bit more performance overall (If you firstly see such tools just google it, there are a lot of information how to setup it)
  • Run game, you still need a monitor to setup race and so on, when the race map is downloaded you will see the VR is working, click on “START DRIVING” and you good to go.
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  1. HI
    Your instructions work great, however I’m having problems with the recenter button. In the .json file, it lists my shift up as 61 and shift down as 63 as an example. In game settings they are 30 and 32, so don’t correspond to the .json id’s. The button I want to use for recenter is button 29 in game. But when I enter that button’s number in the .json id for recenter nothing happens. The in game button id’s don’t match the .json id’s. I have no idea how to work out the id for the .json. Does this even make sense, I can hardly understand what I’ve written.

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