Let’s! Revolution! – Deux Ex Chovy Achievement Tips

Tips on how to achieve the Deus Ex Chovy achievement.

Tips to Obtain Deux Ex Chovy Achievement

Achievement Trigger

This achievement will trigger when you have no movement options available other than to step on an enemy. Chovy will appear deus ex machina and give you a bubbleship ticket on the house to escape this unfortunate situation.

For the Trooper/Charger class, this means having enemies or walls in the 4 movement directions, for the other classes this means the same in the 9 movement directions.

Tips on How to Trigger

The easiest way for me to obtain this achievement was to launch the game as the Trooper on NG+2; this way you start with a bubble ship ticket.

The next part is a bit of RNG, you need to find a space with enemies that is completely surrounded and then bubble ship right inside the closed off space.

In the screenshot below I forced my own closed off space by using the (upgraded) Flip ability.

Warhorn is also useful as it shows the enemies without stepping on them / losing HP.

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