Lost Cartridge – Cold Read – How to Get All Hidden Dead Ends

This guide describes how you can get all of the hidden dead ends in the game.

Guide to Get All Dead Ends

Note: Credit goes to Hex

Playing With Fire

  • Light the furnace up using the lighter and walk towards the fire.

Wrong Door

  • In the backrooms, walk to the door on the right (the door that leads to the area behind the front desk (the area where people return books)).

Feed Me, Mitch!

  • Attempt to grab the library card from the plant.

The Cutting Edge

  • Attempt to break the vending machine using the fire extinguisher.

The Reassuring Statistic

  • Attempt to use the rope on the vending machine.

Untimely Demise

  • Attempt to use the rope on the clock.

Easy Prey

  • Step on a bear trap set by the eye monster.

Unwanted Guest

  • Get caught by the eye monster.

High and Dry

  • Step on the rope trap set by the eye monster.

Wire Snake Food

  • Get eaten by the wire snakes in the room under the trap door.

Conductive, but Not Productive

  • Attempt to cut the colored wires without pluging them out on the other side (computer room, audio room & VHS room).

Poor Craftsmanship

  • Attempt to climb down the ladder revealed under the trap door without using a rope.

Iron Mitch

  • Get chewed by the sleeping monster in the hidden room right next to the toy room.

Foolish Fantasy

  • At the moment, there is no way to play that death tape. You are wasting your time.

This is the End, Friend

  • Get caught by Jackie (in Ending 2).

Waiting to long in the cold means…

  • When you start a new game, skip the cutscene and go past the car to reach the exterior part of the library.
  • Then don’t do anything and just wait. Eventually you’ll freeze to death and get the achievement.

Sugar Rush

  • Go to the audio room and give Bepis cans to the hole in the wall 5 times.

Hands Outstretched

  • Attempt to take the handle from the doll by force.

Nowhere to climb

  • Attempt to hide in the room under the trap door while being chased (needs to have rope).

Surrogate Reaper

  • Get caught by the static monster during a chase.

Replacement Parts

  • Take too long while doing the 2nd part of the puppet puzzle in Pietro’s play.
  • Might have to switch around between your body and the puppet for a few times.

Eye on the Prize

  • Attempt to climb the ladder without using the hot kettle.

Lunch Thief

  • Attempt to eat the employee’s lunch.

War Flashbacks

  • Put the toy block in the stove (in the kitchen).


  • Hide in the coffin (in the VHS room) during a chase.

Anti-Bullying PSA

  • Force mitch to look at the rope over and over again (without taking it).

♥♥♥♥♥♥ Way to Go

  • Use the toilet and go out without washing your hands.


  • Get eaten by a bug (in the basement where the fortune teller is).
  • Previously was possible to obtain through other means but they were removed.
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