Love Spell: Aslan’s Route – Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Full Walkthrough with Achievements


  • New Game
  • Confirm Name → Yes
  • Play the Prologue
  • Any option
  • Don’t write a name. (Aslan)

The Story Begins…

  • Completed the Prologue
  • Agree to help the Knight.
  • Yes, like a cherry blossom!
  • Let’s go left.
  • Of course I do.
  • Press on to help the captain.
  • Kiss him.
  • Confess your feelings.
  • Interject.
  • Play along.
  • She did leave something.
  • Merlow.
  • Save in HUD → Save
  • Reject the darkness.

Wizard’s Love

  • Completed Aslan’s Story

A Major in Magic!

  • Unlocked Aslan’s Epilogue
  • Load Game → Load
  • Accept the darkness.

Only A Dream

  • Unlocked Aslan’s Bad Ending

Click the bottom right box in main menu:

The Lion Returns…

  • Unlocked Super Secret Ending

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