Mafia III – Quick Fix for In Game Blur

This fix is for Nvidia GPU users, only. Let me know in the comments if there’s a similar feature for AMD GPU’s.


There is an insane amount of blur in this game that you can’t turn off from in-game. Here are the steps to fixing the problem in the “Nvidia Control Panel”


• Step 1
1. Open Nvidia Control Panel
Right click on desktop, and select “Nvidia Control Panel” from the drop down menu.

• Step 2
1. Click “Manage 3D settings”
2. Then “Program Settings”

• Step 3
1. Find “Mafia III (mafia3.exe)” from the drop down menu, and click on it.
It may take a moment to load the list.

• Step 4
1. Click on “Image Sharperning” and set it to “On”
2. Now adjust “Sharpen” value to your own preferences. The higher the value, the sharer your game will be. I recommend starting at 1.00.
3. Adjust “Film Grain” to your liking.

• Step 5
1. Click “Apply” then run the game.

Reference pic:

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