MageQuit – Easy Ways to Get a Kill or Two

This guide contains a couple easy tricks to get a kill or two.

Easy Guide to Get a Kill or Two

Basic Attacks

Two abilities are very simple set it and forget it type attacks, specifically the turtle and the boomerang. Spam either or both of these as much as possible and eventually you’ll do some damage or even get an easy kill.

Basic Combos/Strategies

The tree melee ability can be used to easily knock other players out of bounds, especially on the airship and coffin maps. First, use an ability to pull someone to the edge of the map, such as the lightning movement ability. Then hit them with the tree melee, making sure to orient the throw to cast them over the edge. On the airship map, aim for the fans at each corner if possible to increase the chance of success.

The new ice dog movement ability is super simple to use and pairs perfectly with the ice storm ability. Use the ice storm to create a couple crystals then activate the ice dog. The crystals will transform into more dogs to swarm an opponent. Alternatively, use the ultimate ice ability to convert the crystals into explosions.


Hopefully these tips helped and make the game a little easier.

Created by Arctic King

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